5 Frequently Asked Questions When It Comes To ACAT Assessments in Sydney

ACAT Assessments in Sydney are beneficial for you or your loved one who requires aged care services. There are many questions and curiosities that are thought of when it comes to this meeting. What is it? What does it do? How much is it? With all these thoughts in mind, we’re diving right in and giving you a how-to guide giving you all the information you need to know when it comes to getting ACAT assesments in Sydney for you or your family member.

Top 5 Asked Questions About ACAT Assessments in Sydney

1# What is ACAT Assessments In Sydney and why is it important?

ACAT Assessments in Sydney is the decision making process to decide on the best care for your or your loved one based on an in-person meeting. This will determine what type of aged home care you may require. With the help of a professional examining your health status, they will provide you with the codes that you can use to gain entry into Governmental services for aged care.

2# How can I book ACAT Assessments in Sydney?

Old woman inquiring about acat assesments in Sydney

They are either organised through a referral from a healthcare professional or through contacting your aged care provider over the phone or online. If you are a hospital or rehab patient, you can be assessed by the staff members who are caring for you or your family member. It is a good idea therefore to enquire about the examination process while you or your loved one is still a patient. You can also get the examination organised by a general practitioner, social worker, physiotherapist, and other healthcare or community workers.

3# You have an emergency. Do you require ACAT Assessments in Sydney right away?

No, not necessarily. It is our main priority that you or your loved one is made available to aged care services, especially in an emergency. Through contacting an aged care service, you can receive the best support and tips to know what steps to make in terms of your own urgent circumstances, no matter if you do or do not have ACAT Assessments in Sydney.

 4# What is the cost of ACAT Assessments in Sydney?

There is no prices tag. As it is sourced by the Australian Government, ACAT Assessments in Sydney are free.

5# We had done the examination a couple of years before and now we are hoping to access Aged Care services. Do we need to re-do it?

Your examination results while valid, professionals recommend a re-examination if you or your loved one’s health status has altered. Because you have decided to now join an aged care service signifies that the situation has changed, possibly requiring another examination to determine the type of helping you or your family member needs. As everyone has different circumstances it is best to get in touch with an aged care professional team to go over your particular situation and get support on what to do next.  

Here are your questions answered about ACAT Assessments in Sydney. No matter your particular situation having an aged care advisory team can help you decide what your next steps are. You can guarantee that you’ll be able to get the right care for you or your family member, in order to help with your specific circumstances. Please feel free to get in touch with an aged care advisory professional to help you if you have any further questions. Everyone has the right to a good care service, and hopefully with these answers you can navigate this a whole lot better.