3 Qualities To Look Out For In A Scaffolding Company

If you’re in a trade business requiring assistance in scaffolding, there a few key indicators to tell whether it is high or low quality platform. It is important to suss out the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the competition. Some might have more services than the other, so might be cheap causing you money issues down the track. It could cause serious damage to the workers and or clients using the buildings if you are not careful. With all this in mind, it is important to look at a few factors when it comes to picking a scaffolding product to hire. Let’s take a closer look and dive into all the important key characteristics you should think about when jumping on board to a scaffolding company.

What Are The Key Characteristics When It Comes To A Scaffolding Business?


Does it have paint?

It is highly essential that your scaffolding does not have any trace of paint on the structure. Adding paint causes the structure to become slippery if a liquid was to be split or during rainy weather. This is a hazard risk as employees or equipment can slip over, causing serious accidents to occur. Make sure to check whether your scaffolding includes paint to prevent further damage, affecting the quality of not only the structure but the workers and building itself.

What wood would be used?

The best types of materials scaffolding is comprised of is either made from metal or wood. Wood is a popular choice, but remember – not all wood is created equal. Depending on the type of project and structure being made, will determine the type of grade and timber that will be used in the scaffolding. It is important to have grades that are can withstand the large amount of load multiplied. This is good because it helps improve the safety and precaution of employees working on these projects.

What is the quality of the components?

Scaffolding is comprised of many different parts that altogether create a balanced surface to use in a work shift. The quality of the components determine the durability and robustness of the structure. This includes the issue of variation in whether it is thin or thick, this can ruin the quality of the scaffolding causing serious harm for workers if not treated. It is important to have components that are matching and uniform to prevent any danger from occurring on site. It is also essential to think about the length of components, making sure they fit and keep the structure balanced. Shorter might create an imbalanced and a longer component might make it hard for the structure to stay still. That is why it is important for the component length to be just right to prevent instability and create an even weight distribution.

 Why Is The Quality Of Your Scaffolding Important?


A good quality structure system will keep your employees and passersby from getting into accident, allowing it to be a safe workplace. This will keep their minds at peace knowing the work site is secure and easy to use. By having the most protection this improves productivity, job satisfaction and keeps the project running smoothly and easily. You can feel like you wont have to worry about any danger as you a working on site.


If there are any accidents this can cause delays and timing issues for the status of the project. This can also create job dissatisfaction, leaving your employees unable to work well at their job well. For chances of success, a high quality structure for your buildings.