Why Family Law Mediation in Sydney is Suited to Most Couples

It is no coincidence that most participants who take part in family law mediation in Sydney walk away happy with their results.

The attempt to make the best of a bad situation can be a challenge at the best of times, but these types of legal programs allow couples to actually find a practical resolution even if there is a degree of sadness, regret and anger involved.

Unlike courtroom hearings where prices, time and emotional stress is exacerbated, this is a strategy that hands the control back to the key people involved.

We will discuss why these initiatives are geared towards most pairs, showcasing the main features of mediation processes.

Voluntary Program

There is one definitive positive from the outset that is included with family law mediation in Sydney – this is a voluntary process. If individuals decide that this approach is not for them and they would rather explore other avenues, that is within their power. There is no circumstance where men and women are forced to take part, helping constituents to at least try this option before making a decision.

Money Saver

If accountants and financial analysts are looking at family law mediation in Sydney as a service when compared to attending court, the money saving properties are evident for all to see. This would be their recommendation, helping those community members who want to look out for their assets rather than paying extensive fees for the privilege. The sooner a resolution is found, the more money that is saved by going through the program.

Lawyers Don’t Have to be Present

The good news for those men and women who work through family law mediation in Sydney is that they can leave their representatives to sit outside and wait until the discussions have concluded. There are instances where solicitors are at the time as a means of consulting with them during talks, but there is no imperative to have them directly involved if both parties are happy with that set of circumstances.

Independently Managed

Couple attending family mediation proceeding in Sydney

Sydney participants who decide that mediation programs are for them will be pleased to know that there are independent mediators who oversee the initiative from start to finish. They are simply on hand to facilitate fruitful discussions without having any vested interest in who achieves what. That is a major benefit when thinking how confrontational a courtroom environment can be.

Negotiated Terms Are Flexible

The comparisons with courtroom procedures become more stark with family law mediation in Sydney because these initiatives are designed to give both sides the chance to set their own terms. It could involve child custody, property rights, access to accounts, stocks, business interests and other components. Whether they are divided or shared, there will be no outside interference if both sides reach an agreement.

Timetable is Flexible

If the terms are up for grabs with family law mediation in Sydney, then so to is the timetable. There will be scheduling and payments necessary to cover the costs of mediators who are involved, but if there is one session or six required to find an outcome, that time is afforded. That kind of flexibility is simply not extended to other community members who are working through the court system.

The Outcome is Owned

Community members often experience a degree of bitterness and regret when they decide to work a separation through the courts. Once they go down that venture, the outcome is out of their hands as they have to see how a judge adjudicates. Family law mediation in Sydney ensures that all people involved own the outcome outright. There are no other external forces at play, legislators or others who can push the ruling one way or the other.