Why a Melbourne Criminal Lawyer Will Rely on Communication


For legal professionals who rise to the level of a Melbourne criminal lawyer, they have to use communication as a central tenant of their operations.

Speaking with people in an official capacity and off the record for private consultations, they have to work with their constituents while using persuasive language to build an argument that will win in court.

For some, this is simply the “gift of the gab,” being able to convince people that the facts fall in the favor of the defense or prosecution.

Yet this is a domain that requires practice and deliberation, using a style that works across all levels of the judicial system.

We will discuss why communication is so essential for representatives in this space.

Making First Contact With Client

Communication has to be the bedrock for any Melbourne criminal lawyer as soon as they make first contact with their constituents. This is a time where individuals are feeling anxious, scared, angry and confused about what lies in store. They have to set the record straight and ensure that they can talk with them in a confidential one-on-one setting that allows the client to open up.

Formulating a Coherent Legal Plan

Melbourne criminal lawyer and client while in a meeting.

A Melbourne criminal lawyer can leverage all of their skills and abilities to formulate a coherent plan, but the client has to understand the purpose of the strategy. This will establish expectations from the outset and give the individual a choice during the process. The planning phase can be time consuming and exhaustive, but it gives solicitors the chance to create contingencies in case a ruling does not fall in their favour.

Working With Paralegal Assistance

It is not just the Melbourne criminal lawyer and their client who will be a part of this process within the inner sanctum. For many operators in this field who exist as prosecutors or defenders, they will utilise the help of paralegals who undertake many crucial activities behind the scenes.

Working With Judicial Members

Speaking with other representatives across the isle, judges and other key members is part and parcel of a Melbourne criminal lawyer and their role within the system. These individuals do not have to be friends or even friendly, but have to develop strong working relationships in order to successfully complete cases on time.

Keeping Client Updated on Judicial Process

There are many intricacies involved when a Melbourne criminal lawyer guides their client through the judicial process. For many participants, this is the first time they have stepped foot into a courtroom. They will require support from their representative when it comes to their attire, the way they address the judge, and what to expect during the hearing or trial.

Presenting The Case

Solicitors who operate in the criminal law field know that a certain percentage of their cases will go to trial. While others will be left for early plea deals, others have to utilise clear communication techniques to argue their case before a jury and a judge. This is about using persuasive and assertive language, not only highlighting the strengths of their case but identifying weaknesses with opposing counsel.

Giving Client The Power to Make Decisions

The role of representatives in this setting is exactly what it says in the name – to represent the interests of the Melbourne client. This cannot be achieved without effective communication between the solicitor and their constituents in a private setting, allowing them to set the agenda once they have been informed about recommended courses of action.

The intelligence and craftsmanship of a Melbourne criminal lawyer will take time to improve over time, but their fundamental role as a representative is to communicate with key stakeholders. Without this skill, they will fail at their duty.