What Are Glass Pipes?

Different materials are used for the production of pipes used for smoking. They include glass, corn cob, metal, and special wood. Among all these materials, glass pipes are considered the most effective and exciting. Suffice to mention that these glasses come in different shapes and types and each is perfect for use with explicit quantity and types of product.

Types of Glass Pipes

Old man lighting a glass pipe

There are about five types of glass pipes that are available on the market. They are chillums, Sherlock pipes, spoon pipes, steamrollers, and bubblers. Each has its unique benefits and adds something special to a smoker’s experience. Let us look at each of them one after the other.


This has a basic shape of a simple tube and to use it, you just have to fill it up with dry herb at one end, light it up and inhale from the other side. Although smoking with chillums is considered a modern trend, it is an archaic technique of smoking and could be traced to early indigenous cultures that use hollow reeds. 

Thanks to its simple design and small size, you can only pack a small amount of herb in it. It should be noted that the experience you get from smoking with this device is different from other pipes as the temperature and hit size are unique in their ways.

Sherlock Pipes

These iconic glass pipes are renowned, thanks to their connection with the fictional character of Sherlock Holmes. The pipe is the same that Sherlock Holmes smoked and that was where it got its name from. The pipe features a bowl at the lower end of the stem and this holds the product. It is also the place where the heat is applied. When heated, the smoke travels through to the stem where you inhale it. 

Spoon Pipes

Spoon glass pipes are similar in construction and shape to chillum. The major difference between the two is that spoon pipes have a bowl at the other end, which houses the product you are using while chillum does not. Spoon pipes also have a carburetor, which is a small hole in the tube. 

Chillum on the other hand does not have this. Additionally, a spoon pipe is a bit complicated when smoking it because it requires that you cover the hole with your finger to be able to draw air through the bowl. To inhale the air, you have to uncover the hole. With this, the smoke retains its freshness.


This is another very complex and complicated glass pipe to use. It comes with a tube and a bowl on one side and each end has an opening. The one closest to the bowl serves as the carburetor. The good thing about the steamroller’s glass pipes is that they deliver an exceptional, fast, and powerful hit. 

Some designs come with an extra chamber that stores the smoke for cooling. Because of the powerful hits that the steamrollers deliver, they are not recommended for inexperienced users.


This piece is a hybrid of the bong and the glass pipe. It derives its name from its features. Bubblers are small just like pipes but they use water like bongs. The water functions as the filter for the smoke and diffuses it to create tiny bubbles. 

Bubblers deliver excellent, smooth flavor without the product’s harsher tones and elements. It can be used with either hot or cold water. The temperature of the water affects the flavor as well as the general smoking experience.

These are the five types of glass pipes that are available in the market. As mentioned, some are more basic while some are very complex. If you are an inexperienced user, it is recommended that you start with the basic options.