Top Reasons To Choose MYOB Greentree

If you are considering getting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider, it is always important to conduct proper research of all the options available to you. This research will provide further clarity of the best options for your business, as every business is different and have varying needs. The type of provider you will go with has to be aligned with your business’s expectations as well as the objectives.

Choosing the correct financial management software is actually a very important part of your business. If you get it right there are many benefits that this can provide, and it can mean the process of running your business is a lot easier, and you can also spend your time doing other important things.

Whether you already have an ERP solution in place, but you want to review it, or if you don’t have anything set up yet, it is important to not only think about your business now but also where you want to take the business in the future. There are a lot of different solutions available out there, but one that more and more businesses are turning to at the moment is the MYOB Greentree.

Have a read on below at some of the top reasons why you should choose MYOB Greentree:

Versatile Functionality

MYOB Greentree is more than just accounting software, there are so many additional features that make this one of the most versatile programs available on the market. With MYOB Greentree you can do things like manage active workflow, manage documentation, set up alerts and approvals, as well as develop a more effective process flow.

This program is really the full package that can provide benefits in a number of different areas for its customers. This can create a more effective business on multiple levels, not just for the finance team, which can in turn save the business money and time.

Ease of Integration

Warehouse implementing MYOB Greentree

The integration of MYOB Greentree is as easy as pie, as well as there are so many different modules that can be utilised with this program. There is simply so much capability that no matter what requirements your business has, you can deliver on all of them, without having to compromise on the process.

The modules in MYOB Greentree are great because they all use the same standards and user interface. There are no later updates that are required to get the latest release of the program. No matter the module, whether it is a sub or main on, you will not have to reconcile transactions. As well as this, all the modules are in one language making the application very smooth.

Solid Configuration

This solution can be configured so you can better meet the specific challenges and requirements you face in your industry. The level of customisation is pretty much unheard of at the market level, so you know you are getting something very beneficial for your business. As well as this, for the level of customisation you are getting, you would expect to pay a premium for it, but this isn’t the case with MYOB Greentree.

Dedication To Customers

MYOB Greentree is so unique because of the relationship MYOB establishes with the customers. Collaboration is very important to MYOB, so you can get a more personalised solution for your business’s specific needs.

When MYOB makes updates to its solutions, they actually listen to what customers have to say. They work hand in hand with customers to help incorporate all their needs into the solutions they provide, which is certainly something worth being a part of.