The Essential Ingredients For The Best Home Gym

Best home gym set up

We all want to get fit and stay fit, the secret is all in the drive we bring to every day and the equipment we utilise to achieve this goal. We all wish to have an entire room at our disposal but in some cases, we can only work with what we have in front of us. That being said, there are a few pieces of equipment that separate the futile from the best home gym.

Bear in mind, we realise you have to work with space you have so not all of these are as practical, we believe you should work with the space you have and with enough willpower and creative thinking, even the smallest room an be converted into the best home gym.

1.   Weights

The foundational building block of the best home gym lies in the weights, whether it be dumbbells for curls or a weight bar for bench pressing, there really is no substitute or basic building block for having the best home gym than the weights themselves. If there is not enough room for a bench press bar you can make do with a few extra dumbbell weights and still stimulate the muscles you want to grow. It’s not the best home gym without a little weight behind it.

2.   Yoga Mats

Woman while doing a yoga in the morning

Too many people assume that it’s all about blood, sweat, and tears when keeping healthy and especially when preparing the best home gym. Stretching and floor exercise is half the battle in the end of it all. Having a few yoga mats is advantageous for keeping yourself at a healthy level between sets and is very useful for people in small spaces who require something in lieu of a bench for flat exercises. It’s also important to stretch before any serious exercise and these mats are a godsend for that.

3.   Treadmill

 The bread and butter of the best home gym is a place for good solid cardio, the treadmill is the classic option for those looking to give themselves a challenge between sets of weights or just looking for that leisurely walk in the morning without resorting to heading outside. This is particularly useful for people in the city or in places where the air is too thick or coated to feel like you’re getting proper exercise and allows you to keep your heart pumping without gasping for air.   

4.   Smith Machine

This is an entirely optional choice, but to have the best home gym, you should consider this perfect machine that manages to fit a fair few muscle groups into one. It is a bit of a pricey appendage, but like we said before, the best home gym should have the optimal equipment. For those in small spaces, it’s not really viable and you can always swap out most exercises that are usable from the machine with hand weights and creative positioning.

5.   Radio/Headphones

The most essential piece of equipment you’ll ever have is the motivation or distraction from the tasks at hand. You could have the best home gym equipment but never use it without proper motivation. This is where the use of a good hearty radio or set of headphones come into play, having a good set of beats to keep you going is necessary when you have to push out that extra set or run that extra kilometre. Consider waterproof headphones as the sweat can get a bit too much for a lesser set.

These are the essential ingredients for having the best home gym in the neighbourhood, good luck and work hard.