Interesting Things that People Only Working in the Supermarket Knows

woman shopping in a supermarket

In life there are 3 things that can never be avoided and that are taxes, death and groceries. Since tax cheats or even immortals might need the toilet paper, it is almost impossible to avoid supermarket trips. Whether there’s need for peanut butter or frozen nuggets, you need supermarket for the survival.

There are certain things that only the industry veterans and store keepers know and we are here to spill the beans;

  1. The speed of the cashier is tracked by the store

Items scanned per minute (IPMs) is a thing, if you didn’t already know that, and happens to be quite big a deal. It’s an important judging metric to check the cashier performance and is something which the cashier takes pride in. If you are fast enough then you can also squeeze in a 5 minute drink break.

  1. Cashiers do not have much power

What you complain about, they probably complain about the very same, so yeah!

  1. Most of the produce codes happen to be universal

Whether if you want to call it mustard hot dog or dole banana, the supermarket cashier will know it as 4011, as the tiny stickers on the products are pretty much the same everywhere. This saves them time and jeopardy.

  1. The frozen items are more difficult to scan

Yes! You give them a hard time when you purchase frozen pizza, cheese or nuggets. Seems like frost and barcodes don’t like mixing together.

  1. The amount of waste can be insane

Almost up to twenty five percent items in the supermarket are refused on their looks, although the government does not donate it to the needy so as to avoid health risks or tomato pigment.

  1. There’s no such room where we hide or stock the items

When Coles open and you don’t see the hummus on the shelf, then it’s not on it, and is sold out. Accept it.

  1. Beer and meat are the most stolen items

Meat is always down in the pants and beer happens to be cheapest domestic. So supermarket runs out of these quite fast.

  1. People cannot be detained without the cop

It’s not that easy and supermarket attendants require cop for a mishap or robbery, as people usually run out of the door and are not that easy to catch.

  1. There’s no harm in buying a dented can

One cannot keep throwing the items just because it has a dent, only if the can breaks then the bacteria might become an issue, or else it is completely fine!

  1. Loads of neurosis to be seen

People really freak out once someone else gets his/her hand on their product, despite of having product supplies on the shelf. Weird!

  1. There are people who still work on checks

This group mostly involve the granny’s and grandpas.

  1. Helping the blind is a great experience

The satisfaction supermarket workers get while helping the blind in the aisle is truly delightful. After all we do need such experiences and peace from the usual chaos a supermarket can create.