If You Wanna Take A Ride With Me…

helicopter ride

For months, you have been planning your trip to the United States of America, the greatest country on Earth, or so they would have you believe. You were excited for the trip, but one thing stood in the way, you couldn’t decide which state to pick. There are so many famous landmarks to see and experiences to have that the decision-making process was becoming something that you dreaded rather than looked forward too. The Statue of Liberty and skyscrapers of NYC had their appeal as did the theme parks of Florida, while your head was also turned by the chance to visit the country music capital of the world. In the end, your mind couldn’t get past the chance of going to Las Vegas, the gambling capital of North America with the chance to go on a Grand Canyon helicopter ride on your day off from the slot machines.

You had heard from friends and family that Vegas is great but that a Grand Canyon helicopter ride will be one of the best experiences of your life. It will be the adrenaline of a roller coaster, the views from the Empire State Building and the enjoyment found from listening to country music. As many have told you, flying high above one of the most famous natural wonders of the world won’t fail to leave you in shock by the natural creation below. On a Grand Canyon helicopter ride you will be able to see sights that you thought only possible in movies or your wildest dreams, as you float above them in your private airborne taxi.


Part of a National Park, the giant opening in the land below is nearly 500km’s long and 29km wide. On your Grand Canyon helicopter ride you will learn all about the history of the Park and land below you. Created over two billion years ago as the Colorado River eroded numerous layers of rock over and over again, the views you will take in will be breathtaking. For years the surrounding areas and caves were inhabited by Native Americans while the first Europeans were said to find it in the 1500’s.

There are some out there who would like to explore the park without going thousands of feet in the air, they would prefer to have their feet on solid ground. If you don’t think a Grand Canyon helicopter ride is the activity for you at this National Park there are several other ways to take in the beauty of the landscape. A popular one is hiking. There are different levels of difficulty. The most experienced will try hike from rim to rim in one day, a mission that results in many rescues year on year, as hikers underestimate the challenges ahead of them. Something you can’t see on a Grand Canyon helicopter ride is the difficulty of the climb due to steep rocky trails and the difference in temperature from top to bottom of the canyon. Temperatures are much hotter at the base and leads to heat exhaustion for many hikers attempting the climb.


A Grand Canyon helicopter ride will be something you won’t regret and something you’ll want to do again. You never thought it possible that you’d get the opportunity to do it and see the wonderous beauty of the deep scar running through the terrain below. Never have you had such an appreciation for nature and probably never again. Given the choice, I would want to experience a Grand Canyon helicopter ride above any other way to explore this wonder of the world. It is not often you get the chance to ride in a helicopter after all.