How To Revitalise Your Party With Balloon Columns

Every party is different. The manner in which we celebrate is very different across ages, cultures and backgrounds. There are many great options at your disposal, which can be used to spark up your festivities and ensure that everyone is having a great time. Using balloon columns as a form of decoration is a really great tool to help build a carefree, positive atmosphere, which is desirable for any type of party or celebration. Moreover, there are many great techniques and styles when it comes to making balloon columns. A lot of them are pretty easy to make as well. So, if you’re in the process of planning a party or celebration, be sure to check out the following tips!


Single, block colour arrangements


Sometimes less is more. If you’re planning a birthday party for a friend or family member, consider balloon columns consisting of single, block colours. As a piece of decoration, they are really understated and don’t detract from the festivities. In fact, they serve to complement and enhance the vibe – you don’t want your decorations to be too much of a distraction!


Multi coloured arrangements

However, if you’re in the process of planning a small child’s birthday, consider multi coloured balloon columns. You’ll find that the kids are more attracted to different, vivid colours. This is perfect for the end of the party, when all the parents are tired and need a break from the festivities. The kids can just sit around playing with the inflatables.


Shaped balloon columns

If you think just a generic inflatable pillar is boring or won’t do the trick, consider shaped pillars. There are some really great ideas out there, particularly for those party planners looking to do something a little more unique and wacky. You could shape your inflatables to resemble a Christmas tree – perfect for a Christmas party with family and friends.

You could even go wackier and mould your balloon columns so they resemble street lights. Just crowd red, yellow and green inflatables within a bunch of black inflatables, moulded into a vertical rectangle. This idea could definitely work for a Disney ‘Cars’ themed celebration, a Bathurst 1000 party or a Formula 1 themed event.



While your chosen balloon columns are important, where and how you position your decorations is equally important. A nice way to welcome your guests to the hosting location is to have your inflatable pillars stationed at the entrance. It also helps your party guests find their way, particularly if you’re in a crowded estate or a public space.

You can also position your inflatable pillars in important areas. Consider adjacent pillars on either side of the catering table, so guests can see from afar where the food and beverages are stationed. You can also have several pillars placed in a large circle or square where the “dance floor” can be.


The benefits

If you have never planned a party before, you’re probably wondering why all this is necessary. Firstly, you don’t want to have a dull party – you want people to leave happy they attended and excited for your next event. On top of this, it’s really easy to organise a delivery of balloon columns to your event and they add so much to the party vibe.

On top of this, a delivery of inflatables is relatively cheap and a great distraction for hyperactive kids running around! Let’s face it, the catering bill and cost for the DJ are going to hit the wallet hard, so why not give your party that little extra spark to make it just that little bit more memorable.