How To Make The Most Out Of Your Human Resources Internships

If you’ve been given the exciting opportunity to take part in a human resources internship then you might be wondering how to make the most out of it.

This is a great opportunity to take your first steps into the working world and it’s important to make a good first impression.

If you keep the following things in mind during your work experience then you should be in a great position for future work opportunities. Read on below to find out more.


Seek advice and inside from your mentors

One of the most important things to take advantage of during human resources internships is the many mentorship and learning opportunities surrounding you. Make sure you take an interest in and ask the advice of whomever you can in the business, not only just direct supervisors.

You can learn invaluable things from many people, even those that you are not working with directly each day. Be sure to ask them questions about their jobs and day to day working lives, you may gain interesting insights into your chosen profession and it will help you to build professional relationships.

Having the right mentors in place early on in your career can make a big difference down the track and lead to great opportunities in the future.


Say yes to every work experience you can

employee mentoring an intern

You’ll get to a range of tasks to gain work experience during your human resources internship, having the right attitude is important. Make sure you view everything as a valuable learning experience and try to keep track of the process for doing things right.

If you’re unsure of anything, make sure you ask questions.

If there are things going on in your workplace where you think you could lend a hand, make sure you ask to be involved. Every small task is a great bit of real life work experience and will make you memorable in that workplace.


Look for opportunities to be involved

Networking is important in the working world. Make sure you seek out opportunities during your human resources internships to be part of the team. Perhaps organise a social gathering or find fun ways to enjoy team bonding. Being truly part of the team will increase the likelihood that they will ask you back for a job there once your human resources internship comes to a close.


Ask for references

Before the end of your human resources internship make sure you ask your supervisor to provide you a letter of recommendation, and ask them if they wouldn’t mind being a reference for future job opportunities.

It is important when job searching that you have people who can attest to your suitability for the role and your relevant experience. A glowing reference can be the difference between getting the job and missing out.


Keep in touch

If you didn’t get a job offer at the end of your human resources internship, don’t lose confidence. Sometimes a position just isn’t available or it isn’t the right time for the business to make a new hire. Whether you want a position there or somewhere else it’s important to keep in touch.

Professional contacts can lead to future opportunity, you never know when an old supervisor might move jobs and remember you when they need a new hire. It might just lead to your dream job.

If the job you desire is at the company then regular contact will keep you at the front of their minds, so that when a job does come up you’re the first one they call.