How to choose between small and large bongs

Choosing the right bongs is not exactly the easiest task, and contrary to popular misconceptions, it’s no walk in the park. A lot of thought and research has to be made before you go scouting for the right bongs at the neighbourhood store or online stores. One question that almost always comes to the fore “does the size affect the quality of hits?”

Before we shed light on how their size affects their performance, let’s quickly mention that bongs are a great investment. If you can score yourself the right one, you would have succeeded in making yourself a new friend and companion. Unlike pipes and other smoking accessories, they are fitted with percolators to help cool the smoke and filter it through water — thereby treating you to a memorable session while also delivering clean hits.

Does size matter?

Bongs are generally categorized into groups —  small and large. It may interest you to know that size doesn’t affect the quality of the herb. It only affects the quantity of hits. However, both have distinct advantages — making it almost impossible to say either small bongs or their large counterparts are bad.

With that at the back of your mind, let’s quickly add that the choice of bongs is a thing of preference, and different people will choose what suit them based on what they want at any given moment. So suppose you are still at sea about picking between small vs large, not to worry because we have got you covered. We will share the difference between them, and hopefully, you can use the information to make a well-informed decision whenever you go out to buy one.

Large Bongs


They are usually classified as large if they measure between 1.5 feet and above in height. Their incredible height makes them stand out from the rest, and as such, they get noticed easily and tend to draw the spotlight to themselves.

This equipment are unique and applauded for large hit delivery; because their size and percolation are incredible. Regarding percolation, it is often said that “the bigger or larger the bong, the more the percolation”. Why?

This is so because of the amount bod air that goes into the filtration system to create percolation. And as you can imagine, the more the percolation, the smoother and cooler the hits. And of course, the cleaner the hit as well.

Small Bongs

They offer the exact opposite of their bigger or larger counterparts. They stand under 1.5 feet and can go as low as 4 inches. However, their size allows make them perfect for smokers who like to keep things hush — they’re easy to conceal and transport. Unlike the large ones, the herb’s flavour is more pronounced in small pots — as such, making them ideal for people who like strong and clean hits. Of course, they are easier to maintain, and they are cheaper.

There you have it; a guide on how to make the right choice between large and small bongs. If you keep all we have shared at your fingertips, there is no way you won’t make the right choice of these beauties.