Common Misconceptions About Fake Grass For Sydney Homes

fake grass

There are a million misconceptions about fake grass for Sydney homes.

If you are a local resident you probably have heard one or two of them along the way.

In most cases they will not be focused on or challenged correctly, so let us delve into a few of the common types and outline what the reality is.


“You Can Spot a Fake From Miles Away”

Of course anytime you bring up the topic of fake grass for Sydney homes, there will be those amateur turf connoisseurs who suddenly come out of the woodwork spouting their ‘expert’ opinions on the subject. Apparently they have superhuman abilities to gauge what is synthetic and what is the real deal just by looking at a yard from a distance. The truth of the matter though is that this is not the case. Not only is it impossible to determine from the naked eye, but it will take an unusual set of circumstances to set out the fake from the genuine. In most cases it can be determined if neighbour yards are affected by serious drought conditions or pests where there is erosion and damage consistently in the area. If a single premises has avoided that damage, it is likely to be an installed product.


“Still Needs Lots of Maintenance”

When it comes to the topic of fake grass for Sydney homes, maintenance concerns are almost non-existent. Unless there is serious damage instigated by vehicles or excessive foot traffic during installation, it is a non sequitur to suggest that maintenance is a major concern. There is no watering, mowing or spraying necessary, so on this subject the conditioning of the yard is left to the service provider on the day of installation.


“Costs Too Much Money”

The reality is that it will cost an upfront fee to install fake grass for Sydney homes. What is not examined in any sort of detail for most residents who only take a glimpse at the product is the financial savings that are earned in the ensuing weeks, months and years in the aftermath of the project. Not needing to consult a mechanic for the mower and not needing to turn the tap on to keep the turf looking lush and green is keeping those $50 bills inside the wallet. It suddenly becomes a long-term investment that looks good on a household balance sheet when budgeting for a holiday or that extension to the house that has been on hold for years.


“It Harms the Environment”

Of all the misconceptions about fake grass for Sydney homes, the notion that it is designed to harm the environment could not be further from the truth. There is some validation to the idea that removing a natural part of the environment and replacing it with something artificial would be counterintuitive to sound environmental practice, but not in this instance. By saving on water resource, not charging up the mower and its fumes and leaving toxic sprays and pesticides to the shed, the landscape benefits. In the city these yards are often confined to small strips and contained acres, so the inclusion of these products improves the footprint of a household.


“You Can’t Rely on Service Providers”

It is frustrating when tradesmen and professional services get bundled together as one poor reputation is passed on by association. For those seeking fake grass for Sydney homes, you can trust those providers who work within budget and within the time frame allocated. A good way to check a brand’s quality is to read online reviews, ratings and feedback. The more volume of quality reviews, the better a brand will be and the higher the standard they adhere to. In 2019 there is no excuse not to know what a service operator can provide because the Internet has broken down those barriers.



Think of any household project and there will likely be a dissenting voice or concern that can argue against it. Even if it is not on genuine merit, there will be those who decry why fake grass for Sydney homes is an expense that can be done without. Ignore the misconceptions and take advantage of what the real product offers.