7 Shopping Tips For TY Beanie Boos This Holiday Season

Little girl with her TY elephant beanie boo

Friends and family members in the market for affordable TY Beanie Boos have an entire spectrum of options at their disposal.

These friendly and cuddly toy pieces have been family favourites for generations and they offer the perfect gift of choice for little boys and girls this holiday season.

To find the right item at the right time, customers have to know what they are looking out for.

Here are 7 helpful shopping tips for TY Beanie Boos this holiday season.

1) Have a Budget in Mind

The first step that shoppers should take this holiday season with their investment in affordable TY Beanie Boos is to have a financial figure in mind. Even if it is as small as $10 or upwards of $100 plus, consumers can set their own parameters without feeling like they’re being dictated to. Some money will need to be reserved for shipping costs if they are being purchased online.

2) Taking Note of Animal Varieties

The Beanie Boo brand is synonymous with cuddly animal figures and this is where the selection conundrum comes into play for friends and family members. If this is a gift of choice, then shoppers should look to see what is appropriate for their tastes. This will include dogs, cats, monkeys, leopards, unicorns, dragons, reindeer, huskies, sloths and many more.

3) Collections vs. Individual Toys

One of the great advantages of buying TY Beanie Boos is that they can be purchased as standalone entities or as smaller collections for children. Older kids might prefer the key ring designs while others will prefer the plush models that they can cuddle and sleep with. The collection packages can also be geared to the holiday season with Christmas and Halloween varieties on show, displaying a range of toys inside the one product.

4) The New Edition Tag

Let’s be honest – kids love new toys. Given the history of TY Beanie Boos with a history dating back to the 1980s, it pays to look at those items that have been listed with the new edition tag, displaying goods that are fresh off the shelf. For customers who have bought these goods before for young boys and girls, it helps to find brands that are listed as brand new.

5) Holiday Discount Deals

The closer that shoppers get to the holiday season, the more deals they will find with their TY Beanie Boos. Especially during Black Friday in late November and leading into the Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year sales, these investments can be reduced anywhere from 10-30% depending on the policy of the store.

6) Online Sellers Have an Edge

It is important to recognise just how easy it is to investment in these collections online, helping shoppers to avoid those last-minute Christmas shopping rushes. It is particularly relevant for those who head out to the stores only to discover that their favourite brand is suddenly out of stock. Scour the web for official TY line suppliers who give customers the chance to buy what they want and when they want it, delivering the package to their front door ahead of the holidays.

7) Keep a Lookout for Fake Suppliers

Anyone who has ventured online recently to look for their own TY Beanie Boos will have come across some reports of fake suppliers trying to sell knock-off editions. It is important to recognise this intrusion and to study up on the credentials of those businesses who claim to sell the genuine article. If the price appears too good to be true and the outlet is not a known quantity with an address and contact details, it is important to steer clear of them and report them if necessary.